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Semillas de Girasol Ecológicas Crudas

Nibbles that invoke that summer feeling

Organic sunflower seeds are known to be a great source of folic acid, contain all of the essential amino acids, and as far as health is concerned, no menu should be without them. Their high vitamin B content makes them particularly suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In addition, the small, sunny seeds are rich in magnesium and minerals which make them beneficial for nerves and muscles. Sunflower seeds are the perfect supplement for vegans and vegetarians because they are considered to be a suitable protein substitute for most types of meat, fish and poultry


The sunflower is dependent on light and flowers from July to September. One flower can have about 1,000 seeds. Watch out for the yellow fields of sunflowers during their flowering season … the sight is fantastic and the organic sunflower seeds derived from these flowers speak for themselves.


The sunflower not only has a sun-like appearance, it also tracks the sun. During the day its bud turns to face the sun and at night it turns towards the sunrise. The large plant has become very common in Austria and its seeds have developed from a traditional, conventional foodstuff into a healthy supplement. We have on offer raw and hulled sunflower seeds packaged in handy, resealable bags. This ensures that your seeds stay fresh and they can be carried around with ease.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Nutritional value

100 g average nutritional value of Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds :

2408 kJ / 581 kcal
49 g
of which saturated fatty acids
6 g
12 g
of which sugars
2 g
23 g
1 g
Ingredients 99% Austrian Sunflower Seeds toasted*, 1% Salt
*from certified organic agriculture
Shelf life 12 month

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